Scoundrel Rotations

Smuggler Scoundrels have many different skills they can choose from when healing or doing DPS. How the scoundrel chains skills together in a continious rotation is very important as it allows them to do maximum DPS/healing without running out of energy.

Scoundrel Play Mechanics:

Most scoundrel skills use energy to be activated and scoundrels have 100 energy. Energy regenerates over time but the lower the energy level is the slower it regenerates.

Energy Mechanics:
60-100 Energy: Energy regeneration rate = 5 energy per second (should always try to stay in this range)
20-60 Energy: Energy regeneration rate = 3 energy per second
0-20 Energy: Energy regeneration rate = 2 energy per second

Upperhand Buff: You can have up to 2 stacks of upper hand on a mob and each gives a +2% to damage. Some of our abilities use and require a charge of upper hand to be cast. In single target fights you will want to use Sucker Punch and Pugnacity when fighting single mobs(cast them when they are off of cooldown) and for AOE mobs you will wan to use Blaster Volley and Pugnacity.


Scoundrel DPS Rotations

Scrapper DPS Rotation:

Single Target DPS Priority Rotation:
Cool Head - use when off cooldown
Pugnacity - keep this up to increase energy renewal, eats one of your upper hand buffs to cast.
Vital Shot - DoT over 15 seconds, refresh when it drops off.
Shoot First (Flechette Round) - use when behind a target and in stealth, gives upper hand buff.
Back Blast (Flechette Round) - use when behind a target
Blaster Whip - gives upper hand buff
Sucker Punch - eats one of your upper hand buffs
Flurry of Bolts

AOE Rotation:
For AOE you will want to use Cool Head on cooldown and keep Pugnacity up. You will alternate between using Blaster Whip and Blaster Volley to provide most of the damage. Start with XS Freighter Flyby as it does a large amount of DPS to every single enemy it hits.

Scoundrel Healing Rotations

coming soon.


Scoundrel PVP Rotations

coming soon.


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